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"Him" by Leah

June 14, 2010
By CalliopeAndClio GOLD, Newton, Massachusetts
CalliopeAndClio GOLD, Newton, Massachusetts
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I'm always aware of him,
searching for him from the corner of my eye
I can sense when he enters the room.

I tell myself not to turn around,
"just act nonchalant" my more sensible side says.
My mind doesn't listen, ignoring the words of wisdom
My indulgent half takes control
"Just one peek" it persuades

I turn, and I see him across the room
Our eyes meet for a split second.
I feel like butter, melting in a pan.
Like right at that moment I could sizzle down into one million puddles
Then evaporate and fly among the clouds.

My eyes tore away from him,
but he is like a magnet.
I strain to keep my eyes off him

And every time they do
Veins pulse with energy
Lips smile
Stomach summersaults
Hands fidget
Mouth inhales
Eyes blink
Temperature soars
I soar.

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