June 21, 2010
Sometimes I sit and wonder how things would have been.
Maybe I should have listened and not givin in.

They told me how it would turn out but I didn't care.
I did it anyways and then came the stares.

I'm only sixteen and I thought I knew it all.
But when I didn't listen on my face I did fall.

Now a struggle to get my life turned around.
Without breaking apart at the seems and falling to the ground.

More often than I should I think about those nights.
But that also reminds me of those silly fights.

So I keep it together little by little.
Hoping someday we all can consider.

The thought of a little girl breaking the rules and going bad.
But turning around and saying sorry to her mom and dad.

Praying that someday she can make things right.
Wishing she could sleep more softly tonight.

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