numbing rain

July 5, 2010
By brandonpalmer BRONZE, Elmira, New York
brandonpalmer BRONZE, Elmira, New York
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even as my blood runs cold
you will never fade from my mind
'n we'll the numbing rain
toghther as we walk thru the night
never stoping, never caring what's in our way
we always make it thru
maybe by luck but we do!
i feel chills run down my spine
as i feel your lips meet mine!
i feel my heart stop, 'n fall to the ground
with you safe and sound in my arms
together at last, we'll never part again
i'll always hold you in my arms
'n keep you out of harm
you'll be close to my heart
so you can hear it beat for you
my blood runs cold yet again
as i feel your breath on my chest

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