Piano Harmony

July 4, 2010
By Anonymous

He plays the piano as if his life depended on it
He plays the keys as if he were the keys, just waiting to be played
And he played with short breaks that consisted of him changing a note or tune
But after hours of changing and playing to seeif it fits well with the rest of the song, he would rehearse the outcome
How it filled the room with life and hope
When he played, light started to shine through, birds started to sing and I finally understood him
The piano was a part of him
You take the piano away from him, you took some of him with it
The piano was his life
It's as if the 88 keys were his only friends
And he produced music out of them as if he were Mozart or Beethoven
But when he played, he was unstoppable
He owned the moment and the magic that came along with it
So if I learned one thing from him and the piano, it's that I came to know how to love the most important things in my life, including him

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