July 4, 2010
why do it gotta be like this ?
you know what,i really did love you .
i'm telling the truth .
i gave up everything for you .
then you gotta say you have a girl.
Damn i thought you only could have one broken heart .
well you proved me wrong .
this is the second and hopefully the last.
but i wanted be with you .
i get feelings when i talk to you it's like the best .
but now all the feeling is,is sadness ,crushed .
i really really want to be with you until the end and this is real not just words that you wanna hear.
this is coming way down deep in my heart .
i love you i can't even explain it.
you was everything to me .
now your nothing.

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Felicia said...
Jul. 27, 2010 at 1:50 pm
at least you gave him a second chance and now u dnt have 2 wonder wat wld have happedned if you didnt.
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