Everyone Spells It

July 4, 2010
By SapphireDream081 BRONZE, Danbury, Connecticut
SapphireDream081 BRONZE, Danbury, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
I am my name but no one ever spells it right...

Backdrop of a curtain's eye,
red without Captain Morgan, Moby Dick never had a shot on the rebound.
We are bound on quarterly record keeping, zeroes are never lonely until a chandeliers psychosis loses its future.
Thirty days without ten cents, there is no policy debate or zoning intake.
There is a faux crystal ball with a rendition of a rebate.
Those light-bulbs had holes in their liver-pool bladders,
the ceiling creaked 100 watts,
I stepped in brown spots,
with a polka-dot mirror.
The red sea rust color trouble-shooting hands touch armed brown bag conveyor belts.
This brown is something familiar to me.
This brown is my skin but everyone spells it, black girl sin with the eyes of NAACP.
This brown fasts-forwards to emergency exit carpet lapping sands of nails bricking roots when the border allows.
The allowance of platano, miami left mami speaking Spanish to her pot.
This brown, has eating plates and gringos con ensalada, but abuela is still in the carpet.
Salsa y Bachata, our feet are cryptic to many skins flowing over palm tree bones but, everyone spells it la migra gives gifts with a naked statue of liberty.
They ate our arroz con pollo but told me to watch for a green light without traffic, we have a curfew.
This brown is familiar and these emblums resemble insomniac bats that can't drive.
Promises of suicide balloons,letters to a hill-top
Dear casablanca,
We constituted an emancipation on our melanin
The hood y bodegas speak riches underneath the tar jack sparrow stole.
La bandera had winds knocking on the ceiling fan,
So I look up to the sky is ours,
your dusty feet only borrow it.
We are a nation but everyone spells it barbarians harpooning caves with reggaeton and rap du-rags drenched in black.
But we spell it , Black and Brown is a rainbow looking at a skittles pack.
This brown is familiar but we won't leave the railroads we've created.
So, if you have no familiar familia with our city, get off our tracks.
We just spelled Good-bye,we do not care how everyone else spells it.

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