She walks among the hawthorns

June 15, 2010
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the sky was gray overhead
and water fell softly from
the sky. I was sitting in
the field across the way there
are hawthorns. That was the
first time is saw her. Dressed
all in white, black ebony hair
streaming down her back,
and crimson spots at the bottom
of her skirt. She floated among the

trees as graceful as the breeze.
The sun was shining over head,
as she walked among the hawthorns.
I called out, she didn’t respond
so i tried again, still know answer,
i walked closer to the hawthorns,
she glanced at me startled,
her lips moving in silence.
I asked for her name, she
looked right through me

whispering, words that couldn’t
be heard. She glided among the
hawthorns dressed in white,
black ebony hair streaming down
her back, crimson at the hem of
her skirt. The wind whipped and
made the hawthorns bow to it,
my hair swirled around me
with the crisp air, yet around
her there was an eerie stillness.

white was falling all around
under the red of the hawthorns
she was walking, all in white
black ebony hair streaming
down her back, spots of
crimson at the hem of her
skirt, over head a bird calls
i look up and see a
raven, i look back to
the hawthorns and she is gone,
but was she really there at all?

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