Our Past

July 1, 2010
By TyBoi-ink SILVER, Danbury, Connecticut
TyBoi-ink SILVER, Danbury, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
"Maybe my life would have been better if you had never intruded. Maybe thats just the way i cope with... cope with not having you." -By Me!!

This use to be our fortress of love, each day our love sang!
Now that we're not together, its filled with memories of you
Trying to look past what use to be, trying to see what could be.
Not knowing what hold tomorrow hold, but taking evasive action by holding it myself.
Set me free from your chains of depression, let me sore high in the night.
Because what was good, could have only been so good, everything turns bad.
Now i try too find spirits i once had, broken hearted.
I cry your name at night, listen to the silence.
You don't answer i cries, the tale tale signs of love we once had.

The author's comments:
Im not going to lie, i wrote this poem all by myself, but when in came time to fine tune it my friend Haley and Alex were right the to lend a firm unwaivering hand. I wrote this poem out of sheer fustration after recently being rejected by a person i really liked. Our Past is a poem that could easily be related to anyone who's every liked a friend and been through a gret deal with them and then being rejected when wanting to take it to the next step. You don't necessarily have to have recently ended a relationship with a ex-spouse or ex-boyfriend/ ex-girlfriend. Which is why " Our Past" is so easy to relate to.
Shout Out To:
Haley G.- Peer Editor( Co-Editor)
Alex A.- Reviewer/Tittle Author. (Alex's Review States a 4 Out Of 5)-(He also named this piece "Our Past")

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