The Outsider

July 1, 2010
By emowriter BRONZE, Anderson, Indiana
emowriter BRONZE, Anderson, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"when you think you are ordinary there is one person who sees you as extraordinary"

She is all alone in this world
Excluded from all the others
As she slowly walks through the crowd
Whispers fill the air & they all stare
Ignoring them & their vile jokes
For all she knows it could be a hoax
Definate silence cascades the ocean
Salt brines & seagulls screech in protest
They seem to disagree
her mind is set for tonight
Letting go of everything
She enters the chilling sea
Taking one last breath
The water grabs a hold of her
Willing to risk it all for life
This is her way to freedom
That was her last night
It is the last time for those who knew
For her to be the outsider
And if you listen closely
You will hear the soft whisper
Her voice blending with the wind
If I recall her last words
The ones to chill my soul
Ones so loosely spoken
But from her they came bold
"I am the outsider to you but
you are the world to me"
She is the outsider
The one who sold her soul

The author's comments:
This was written 5-25-10
mainly its how i feel on the inside in my soul most of the time
When I thought My best friend was departing from me soul wise I couldn't let him go so I wrote this for him
and how i felt

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