Life means what?

June 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Life means what? Yes at times you want something you can't have. Like me I want him, but of course i want every boy that talks to me. Why? thats a good question. Here is my answer.. I am LAME!! Yes I am lame like I am totally one hundred percent sure that if I didn't play sports I would be one of the weird kids that are nice and smart but can't interact and then become the material for most jokes.
I say I know where I want to go in life when all and all I don't have any idea and it scares the living daylights out of me. I mean I do know I want to be successful and happy but I don't know how I plan on getting there and why I plan doing it. I think that the truth is that you can't be prepared for anything, that you just have to learn from what other people did and make a decision but its always so freaking hard. When something is set right in front of you and you have to descide, then thats when you'll know what your next step is. I want it all!! I want all the lives I am allowed to live! I don't want to leave my life with dreams I wish I had done, un-did. I want to know that if the oppurtuntiy was there that I would take it by the hand and let it lead me to my destiny.
I lie in newly cut green grass in a yellow tank top and black shorts, feeling the air rustle my thin, shiny, brown hair. The temperature is perfect, it becomes a time of thoughts. No one and nothing is here to talk about the present. All my thoughts are about my future but its the scariest thing to think about.

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