Walk Away

June 24, 2010
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I fell HARD
I fell FAST
I tripped again
When I looked back
It hit me
You were the one pushing me
Just like that
I got up and walked away
But I kept thinking
Did I walk away for my sake?
Or was it I realized I cant be pushed
And he deserves someone
Who will walk at his pace
And treat him how he deserves
I let him go
A tear rolls down my cheek as I think
It's over
Everything about him attracts me
But it's for the best
He needs to be happy
Right now he says I caused him pain
But one day I'll see him laughing with a girl
And every inch of me will wish to be her
It dosent matter because his eyes will light up
at her face
her smile
her very being
I'll turn my back and weep
I'll walk away
At my own pace
But find peace knowing
He will be better off

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