Forever and for always

June 23, 2010
By SunniStar GOLD, Yutan, Nebraska
SunniStar GOLD, Yutan, Nebraska
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Forever and for always
You’ll be there in my heart
You’ll sit their, curled up in a ball
Of cute and cuddly warmth
‘Till both of us are old and dead
Our wrinkles showing through
Never shall we ever part
For then what would I do?

Forever and for always
Its me and you together
You may have left me in the dust
But I’ll never leave you, ever
I’ll live my life in solitude
Happy but for one
And if you ever need a friend
I’ll be dependable as the sun.

Forever and for always
Is just a phrase for you
But forever and for always
I’ll make sure I hold true
To my pinky and to my promise
To have fun and keep my word
Forever and for always
I’ll love you, you little ----

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