If only she knew

June 30, 2010
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If she only knew how much i liked her maybe she would consider us
maybe she would think it was a must for us to be together

i know i act a fool at times
and shout out these corny ryhmes
but it is from the heart
i like you the way an artist likes his art
or loves his art for that matter
i would give you my heart in a silver plater

if you only knew what i would do for you, you would fall head over hills
i would fight a shark bare handed and take of his gills just for you
but if only you knew

if only you knew that i would travel 1000 miles just to see your face
or win fist place in a track race to win you over or look far and wide
to give you a four leaf clover just for good luck just for you but if only you knew

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