June 16, 2010
By abrandi19 BRONZE, Bluegrass, Iowa
abrandi19 BRONZE, Bluegrass, Iowa
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What can I say to express my love
it has me crying tears that drop from above.
So many places I can go from here
But I just stare at my walls. Hating these tears.
See....she picks up my tracks. Thats how there different...
Both smiling faces...but with one..somethings missing.
Do you have a heart? Do you have a soul?
Why did you do this and make mine cold?
Do you have a life? Can you breathe?
You broke my heart to easily...
Will you look in the mirror
Can you see past the glass?
I ask how could a person do this?
So these questions I ask.
Can you see me now?
Can you see what you've done?
Dont play with my heart like its just fun.

The author's comments:
Wrote this when I got my heartbroken

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