June 16, 2010
By babymine2332 BRONZE, Thousand Oaks, California
babymine2332 BRONZE, Thousand Oaks, California
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A tear glistened down her tender cheek,
Clasping the shimmering rays of the golden sun,
Sparkling as it gracefully fell upon such a ruthless landscape
From such an angelic eye.
She gazed at him perplexedly,
Attempting to even deceive herself that she knew the truth,
The reality of the anxiety, anguish, and dejection,
But the smile on his face was enough to verify absolute naiveté.
For he beamed as he returned her befuddled stare,
Watching as she shed tears for her own family’s wicked feat.
She silently pressed her trembling hand on the fence,
Now unceasingly whimpering, though noiselessly,
As she apprehensively awaited his response.
His mind immediately flashed into the reflection of his past two years of experiences,
These experiences burdening his mind,
His only source of immunity,
With the terror of his newfangled reality.
But as he spared a glance upon her bare hand,
Covered in dirt and scratches from the rugged earth,
He shifted his inspection upon her ingenuous face once more
As he conceived from her simple features
That she was no more sinister than a single rose
Trapped in a field of detrimental thorns.
He calmly locked a now more meaningful look at her,
As she returned the communal gesture with a trice of bliss,
Thankful beyond belief for a notion of clemency.
He raised his pale hand and placed it against hers,
Though separated by a corroded fence:
The fence that separated him from her,
And the fence that kept diversity from the land.
The instant their flesh came into contact
The young adolescents embodied an immense sense of union
As they finally felt warmth.
For his life at the concentration camp made nightmares seem pleasant,
And her relatives were the direct cause of such conflict,
Afflicting upon her soul a load that even the entire Nazi camp could not carry.
She closed her swollen eyes only to feel the heat of affection instantly disappear,
Gasping in horror as she opened her baffled eyes
And watched his feeble body being seized by authority,
And forced into a rigid line composed of countless sinless men, women, and children,
Abashedly awaiting their vindictive suffocation.
She wailed in pain,
For she knew in her heart that he had done nothing,
Absolutely nothing,
To justify this wicked fate.
But as the directors of the gas chamber ripped off his ragged shirt,
Exposing his beautiful muscular composition,
He was given one last look into the world,
And chose to apply it into her empathetic eyes.
For words were beyond the miniscule relationship the two had built,
And a final gaze was the only verification he could provide himself to prove
That good really did exist,
Even in a family whose mission seemed to be that of enslaving the minority for personal benefit,
And even for those who inflicted pain on those who were too meager to resist.
As he turned around,
She was dazed as a smile crept upon his face,
For despite the situation,
They both knew that the end of his life was the birth of a new beginning.
She returned his motion and then slowly turned around,
Ready to be the mother of a new world where such horror had no place.
She took in a breath of fresh air and was prepared to face all of humanity,
Prepared to prove that tolerance was the key to universal beatitude.
And she took one last look at the concentration camp,
At his now vacant shoes which so recently occupied a life,
And she vowed never again to permit such bigoted blunders.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece in order to truly show the importance of acceptance, and the horrible consequences that come with a lack of. I hope that from this people will find it within themselves to be open-minded and open-hearted individuals.

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