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June 23, 2010
By wordsofmysoul BRONZE, Sharpsburg, Maryland
wordsofmysoul BRONZE, Sharpsburg, Maryland
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faith will get you anywhere you wanna go.

To the withholder of my soul,

I am young.
What’s happening, you ask? I’ll tell you.
The feeling of potential perspiration on my body.
The blossoming hair from goose bumps that lie on the surface of my skin.
The feeling of anxiety in the pit of my stomach.
The unknown feeling in my mind.
Why do I feel these things?
How do you define this?

The answer…
Maybe you’re scared, young one.
It’s possible that you’re lost, upset, and you need someone now, more than ever.
The thing is though, everyone who’s there for you..everyone who wants to help, can’t actually provide any help at all; at least, not the help you subconsciously want and need.
You want something back, to fill that empty spot you’ve always had.
You’re one who realized that spot was there, at such an early point in your life, so now you must learn how to live with it.
You see, God created everyone giving them that same empty spot inside. The difference between you and everyone else is, most people don’t find it before it’s filled…
Only the special ones do, the unique minds of the universe, because God felt that these were the people who could figure it all out and manage to make something amazing out of it, rather than grieve over it.
You found yours, unknowingly, but still longed to fill it, so you could feel complete, and at peace with yourself.
The downfall: every time you’ve attempted to do so, you were failed by those you thought could love you, be your other half, and bring you happiness.
This made it all the more painful, your empty spot.
These failed attempts, and feelings or pain and loss…they deepened it, widened it, each time digging farther into your heart.

For these reasons, heartbreak has always been, and always will be 10 times more painful and agonizing for you and all other unique minds out there, who have realized they are not complete without that one special thing in their life.

But back to the point, you’re hurt and afraid now more than you ever should be, because you dealt with the pain of heartbreak the wrong way; in the worst way possible.
That is not accepted anywhere, you have cause shame and disgrace to yourself and given the unique minds a bad name.
Bad karma has taken its toll on you, and now you’re the one suffering all over again. I apologize that you now have to deal with this hurt, this fear, this shame, this loneliness…
I apologize that it has to last for so long.
You have to know, however, that harming, abusing, and degrading yourself is certainly not the way out.
You must understand that there are other ways to cope with this awful feeling, heartbreak.
As hard as it may be, it’s essential that you go through all stages of the grieving process, correctly; no matter how long it takes, you have to deal with all of it on your own, and that’s the only way to do it.

Because you should know by now that no one has the ability to fix your problems and deal with what you’re going through, except for yourself.
You can’t depend on anyone, because all people will do is scam you, set you up.
All they will do is lie to you and tell you everything is okay, when everything is not okay at all.
And you know that deep inside, but you’re so desperate for help, that you’ll believe them and go along with everything they do and say to you, because you’ll view it all as an escape, even if you don’t know it.
This is how you get taken advantage of, young one.
So please, don’t look to anyone else for help, not with this problem, not with this situation you’re in.
If you just take my advice, and have faith in yourself, in your life, you will find the strength to get through this, and you will make it.
I believe; now it’s your turn.

The author's comments:
I was hurt very badly, so I tried to self analyze what I went through...and I came up with this.

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