If I Was Ever to Lose You

June 23, 2010
By Anonymous

If i was to ever lose you
i would not cry.
i would not beat myself up about it.
i would not mope around the house and eat icecream and watch romantic movies.
i would not look at my phone twenty times within oneminute to see if you had called or texted.
i would not wonder if the phone was maybe broken because you hadnt.
i would not throw away pictures of us.
i would not give back the stuff you had gave me.
i would not check my facebook or myspace wondering maybe he wrote something.
i would not care.
i wouldnt be able to care.
because...if i was to ever lose you.
there would be nothing left of me to even do all these things.
if i was to ever lose you....
i would die<3

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