Because You Love Me

June 22, 2010
By expr3ssurself BRONZE, Lee&#39s Summit, Missouri
expr3ssurself BRONZE, Lee&#39s Summit, Missouri
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You are the eagle’s wings
On which I fly
There is no one
Who I shall love more deeply
But I am not worthy of you

I long to break the earthly chains
They keep me here
In this place
Oh how the dark night surrounds me

I call out for you
I scream to the heavens
But it is not loud enough
I know it will never be
And yet I yell until my voice is but a whisper
Because you love me

I struggle against the cold metal that bounds me
But I do not dare escape
I could not leave you
I am your slave
Because you love me

I am but a human
You are an angel
How is it that you can love me?
A lowly, imperfect girl
A child in company of a king

Your majesty
What makes you want me?
I am but a servant
A jester in your courts

Have you not seen how they look at me?
It is with disdain
I want nothing more than to escape
But how could I leave you?

With your beautiful eyes
Sparkling blue
They gaze at me in longing
I want to turn away
But I wouldn’t dare

You attract me
Like a magnet
I am poisoned by your love
But I do not die right away

I wither
Piece by piece
As love tears me apart
Somehow you keep me together
Because you love me

I am scared
I cringe every time a girl walks by
Who I know is more beautiful than I am

But you insist
That there is no comparison
But my heart still races
Because you love me

In my head I know
And I’ve often said
Why me?
It is a stupid question
Because your answer is always the same

You say I’m beautiful
And wonderful
And you’ve never met anyone better
Because you love me

I wonder who this girl is
The one you speak of
With a sparkle in your eye
When you talk about her
You glow
I swear
Brighter than the sun

Certainly it is not me
But you say it is
I call you a liar
Because you love me

You whisper in my ear
And hold me tight
I love the feeling of your arms around me
But I know it isn’t real

This dream will end soon
And I will wake up alone
But my life will go on
Just like it did before

Before what?
Oh yes
Before I met you

It was in the park
The leaves swirled around you
Like a halo
Why did you approach me?

You tell me
That you loved me
When I first looked your way
You’re really funny
I laugh
Because you love me

You say
I’ll realize that I’m beautiful
And that you aren’t going to leave

But you will
I insist
This isn’t real
You’re crazy

So I hide in the corner
Because I like the dark
But you always win
I can’t resist your smile

You are the eagle’s wings
On which I fly
There is no one
Who I shall love more deeply

I cry because you love me
And because I love you

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