Porch Light

May 31, 2010
By Misa Fioretto BRONZE, Rolling Meadows, Illinois
Misa Fioretto BRONZE, Rolling Meadows, Illinois
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To look straight out a window in a rainstorm
only reveals simple raindrops
mounted on a screen before a dark grey canvas.
But from the side,
a porch light
stretches out like the hand of God
from below
as if He were Romeo
looking for His lover
Through a dazzling diamond balcony.
But this time that light through yonder window breaks
the other way.
For His radiance pierces the aqua beads
leaving a spectrum of something so complex
as an ancient mosaic.
Licking your chapped lips,
you want to catch that kiss with your camera
and cradle the newborn blossoms
in the blanket of midnight.
Yet even though you have no thirst for love,
your tongue is moist for a taste of Angels’ tears
as they run down your window.

You want to print each drop on parchment
and only let the letters leave
on a song-paved path.
But paperweights on your eyelids
push the dawn away.
Pushing out the light
Pushing out the light
Pushing out the teardrops.
While you thought so long
that the world cut open your heart,
you could not see that it has cut open your eyes
So you can see
what you shut out
with a wall of glass
now painted with the prayers
that God set aside
so He can
Now He rests outside your window,
a lonely lantern on a porch
casting shadows on your wall
so you can keep hiding.

The author's comments:
I woke up around two AM one night and looked out my window. It had just rained so there were water droplets stuck on the screen. My neighbor's porch light turns on randomly throughout the night, and it happened to turn on at that moment. The light reflected beautifully off the beads revealing little rainbows. That is when I needed to write this poem.

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