trust paradox

June 22, 2010
By herahami GOLD, Levittown, New York
herahami GOLD, Levittown, New York
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love is a delusion between two people if it exists at all

what is trust
how can i find it
can i trust someone
i have keept a part of me
in the shadow for so long
were do we find that one person
to reveal myself to
i thinkl i am trusted
whi can i know
how can i trust that i can be trusted
when infact i lie and say
that i trust u
why is it thsi difficuldt
to find my way around myself
so i can trust
so that i can be trusted
when infact
i doubt that it exists at all
why is it
that i can not come out
and say what i am feeling
when infact
perhaps i trust
that u trust me with how u feel
now i am lost
i am confused about trust
this poem confuses me
can i trust that u care
that you care
that trust is as confusing as this
very strange
messed up poem
oh well
good night
i trust that u will sleep well

The author's comments:
its about trust. who can you trust. should you trust the people you trust. i also tryed my hand at a little comody to lightent the poem a little bit

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