My Clock Made A Hole In The Floor

June 8, 2010
Candle in a salt rock, burning to a crisp
Platter on a plate rack, conversing dish-to-dish
Silly as it seems, silly as they go, yet
My clock is going crazy, erratic, out of control.
Maybe it'll jump right off the wall
And make in the floor, a hole
It has, it has at last!
Now elephants are jumping through
And making quite a ruckus with their silly yells and all
But now my pillows are falling off the couch
To the hole they crawl
What is it in this hole my rather large clock has made?
What is it my possessions are going towards, like a silly little parade?
I swear that this is madness
I know it, it's quite true
Because the walls have started to talk to me
They say that I should jump too!
I peer inside the hole, an endless black abyss
And then without my knowledge, I slowly begin to list
Toward the gaping circle
My arms flail til I'm purple
I'm teetering on the edge, delusional, half of mind
But looking a bit more closely, it's a light I do now find
There's something at the bottom!
I know it, I just know
That once I get right down there
I might know the secret to snow
Before I make up my mind, before I realize why
That dirty salt rock gets right up
And pushes me from behind!
Even as I'm falling
Floating through time and space
I'm just quite rightly thinking
But not about what I'll face
There's just one thing I'm wondering
What I want to know
(How did those elephants jump through that hole?
They don't have knees, you know!)

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