Through Her Window.

June 19, 2010
By Leena_ink SILVER, Dhaka, Other
Leena_ink SILVER, Dhaka, Other
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Through her window
Cries of pain, crimes of shame
Through her window
Plotted lies, a twisted game

She watches a mother, hold on to her child
She felt the love for the baby and tenderly smiled
Gun shots fire, a car pulls by
The mother starts running, the baby starts to cry
Two men walk out, revulsion in their eyes
They pull the trigger, as if they just won a prize
The mother falls to the ground, holding her baby close
The men drive away and instantaneously she knows
That love was here, but now it's gone
Washed away; it's been withdrawn
So helplessly her tear drops fall
Was love even out there at all?

Through her window
She hopelessly sits watching love die
Will somebody save it? No one will try
Cries of pain, crimes of shame
Plotted lies, a twisted game
She closes her window.

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