Lost, Not Found.

June 18, 2010
People don’t think about their words anymore.
Everyone throws around words carelessly,
Like a couple of friends playing catch.
People don’t ever think before these words slip between their lips.
Words are given as much thought as a piece of trash on the city streets.
And before you know it words that used to be as powerful as kryptonite,
Able to move mountains and change the most stubborn of minds,
Are now as common as mud and flung around without any implications.
So now a new era of people are born,
An era of people, who will struggle with trying to find words,
No words will be powerful enough to express their deepest emotions.
Because the previous generation had taken these words away,
Their laziness and refusal to choose more wisely had diminished meaning.
And so now we must try to find the right words to say,
But more often than not words cannot describe.

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