February 27, 2010
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Gently I sway
Slowly you die
I listen to the violins
Sweet as our passion

Apocalypse approaches
Reckless behavior abound
We head towards Hell's call
Demons come

Quickly I spin
Falling, you die
Cellos play
Melancholic as my thoughts

He come's
I know not when
But I know He calls
Decay surrounds us

Mistakes; Regrettable
Memories; Forgettable

Swiftly I slip
On blood unknown
Showing me its mind
Visions splay across my sight

Mistakes; Unforgettable
Memories; Unregrettable

For me and I
Myself alone
I grasp at air
But I realize

I am gone
Among the Others
The Unknown

Acceptance; Unknown
Deliverance; Too long
Has it been since ecstasy
I see now; I am here

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