June 12, 2010
By Godzillaxx SILVER, Lafayette, Louisiana
Godzillaxx SILVER, Lafayette, Louisiana
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Never have I been so close to death.
Never have my memories been so vivid.
Never will I forget the night,
I witnessed the devil at work,
or Gods Gracious mercy,
however you view it.
Never will I forget my mom turning me away
She made me look away,
but I saw his face.
I saw how the color was drained.
I saw his last breath
I will never forget how my innocent thinking was turned around.
Never will I forget not hugging him the day before,
Never will I forget that was his last hug,
the one I didn’t even want to give him.
Never will I forget my mother’s tears.
or when the realization hit me,
When I finally understood he wasn’t sleeping,
when I realized he wasn’t sleeping in that coffin.
When I understood he was
my mom turned me away that night.
Physically I walked away
but mentally I stayed there.
Mentally I’m still there.
Mentally I’m still watching him die.

The author's comments:
I watched my Grandpa die when I was eight, i still remember it very clearly

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