Night of the Red Sky

June 12, 2010
By Tearseye SILVER, Toms River, New Jersey
Tearseye SILVER, Toms River, New Jersey
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So what if I'm nearly half blind, I see everything better than you do.

In the night of the red sky

Three walked apart from the crowd

Two with dark eyes that were rejected by society

And a dreamer who just didn't want to stay on Earth.

The dark eyed boy pushed the two girls away

Too proud to except them as people he could trust.

So they walked ahead of him

The dark eyed girl leading,

Refusing to look back

While the dreamer kept checking to see if the boy was still there.

The girl put her arm around the dreamer's shoulders

And spoke quietly without looking down at her friend,

"He'll catch up soon, I promise."

The dreamer just smiled.

The dark eyed siblings were too stubborn

And though they didn't speak for the rest of the night

The two smiled sadly up at the red sky

And asked themselves "Why?"

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