The Time Apart

June 12, 2010
By shocking. GOLD, West Bloomfield, Michigan
shocking. GOLD, West Bloomfield, Michigan
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I thought the hurt would go away
The longer I saw you two together
But it's been over 3 weeks now
And it's not gotten any better.

I know she's perfect
Blonde hair, blue eyes
A skinny little gymnast,
A cheerleader (she flys)

And compared to me
She could win anyones heart
She's medium height and funny
And I hear she's pretty smart

And I'm just an ugly girl
Tall as an amazon
A little overweight
With hair I always have piled high on my head

But we were meant to be together
We both know it's true
You're perfect for me,
And I hope I'm perfect for you

So now I have to wait
Until the inevitable falls thru
To see if you still love me
As I still love you

The author's comments:
This is a poem about when me and my boyfriend broke up, and he started dating the most perfect, most popular girl in school, and how much it hurt me every day to see them together.

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