Sometimes Ordinary

June 11, 2010
By Anonymous

Sometimes I like to sit
under the leaves of an ordinary tree
and listen to ordinary squirells
whisper ordinary things.
Sometimes I like to watch
the moon go by in the ordinary sky
and brush past the sun,
gently chastising him for being late.
sometimes I like to hear
the ordinary rush of the
city life as cabs pass me by and
old ladies almost fall over ordinary cracks
in the road.
Sometimes I like to sit
on the grass of an ordinary field
and look at your face and you lie
at my feet like any other
ordinary day.
Sometimes I like to tell you
- in whispers unheard -
about your love and the flood
it's responsible for in my heart.
Sometimes I like it when you know
how the earth circles with you
at its axis and how the sky, moon and sun
dance around you.
Sometimes I let you know.
but mostly,
I don't.

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