We Need Each Other

June 11, 2010
By DurrettV13 SILVER, Londonderry, New Hampshire
DurrettV13 SILVER, Londonderry, New Hampshire
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At some point, every person thinks they could have all they ever wanted.
Of course, that's just what they think.
We don't realize that what we have,
and what we want,
really aren't what we need.

What we need is right infront of us,
though who, in there right self,
ever thinks to look directly infront of them?
We don't think about what we already have in our hands,
because we automatically think its not all we want.
But is it all we need?

These thoughts are the makers of our fall.
And if we can't learn to shut them off,
what chance do we have of really coming upon what we need?

Our lives are "too busy" or "boring".
Well, next time you think that,
stop. Take a breath.
What do you have?
What of that do you need?
What do you not have, that you could use right now?
Love? Luck? Hope?

Luck and hope are both tied into love.
If you love, truely love, you don't need luck.
If you love, truely love, you find you already have hope.
But we bend ourselves too much, and think we can take it.

Then, one day, we eventually break.
Shattered pieces scatter through your life.
Shattered piece sometimes comletely disappear,
never to be picked up and placed into your stained glass soul.

Yet we as human are persistant,
and begin to collect the shards of our heart, thinking it will never be the same.
Which is true, it won't.
But does that mean it won't be better?
and we are blinded for a while,
picking up the pieces.

And when we do turn around,
to pick up a piece that was shattered behind us,
we see a mirror,
which we didn't think was there before.
The mirror knows wut we feel,
because it is a friend,
who has also been shattered by some long-lost, not-yet-had, hope and love.

We decide "this is the best i'll get",
and it really is all we need.
Someone we have to look to,
just in case a piece of our hearts fall from the stained glass portrait.
The shattered friend picks it up for you,
like nothing happened,
and starts to walk beside you, instead of behind you,
because you have finally realized that you don't need something to fall back on,
you need someone to support you.

Love exists,
we just haven't found our *soul* love.

Love exists,
but its not the type we usually look for.

Love exists,
we just have to learn to open our eyes,
our minds,
and our hearts to the few who are willing to give there hearts,
just to make us happy to be where we are in life.

Love exists,
we just have to learn to need each other.

The author's comments:
i read one of my friend's notes on facebook, and replied with this one.

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