June 11, 2010
By Anonymous


In and out.

Chest rising,

Chest falling.

So simple.

Yet so complicated.

Many things are like this.

On the outside a simple action,

But inside

A compelling puzzle.


In and out.

Up and down,

Speed racing.

Hearts racing.

Except, why is it so?

How can you explain it?

Is this what it’s supposed to feel like?
I hope so,
Because it’s amazing.


In and out.

Faster still,


I see now.

All the way over there.

Farther than anyone.

I know that this will work, it has to.
I want it,

And I also… want you.


In and out.

Steady now,

There’s no rush.

It was lies.

Everything ever said.

I thought I knew the truth.

I thought I could trust you, forever.

But I can’t,
I never really could.


In an out.

Tear falling,

Then one more.

All alone;

But perhaps it’s better.

I expect it is not.

Yet I’ve been wrong before, so maybe?

I can dream,

And for now that’s enough.


In and out.

Things are calm,

So am I.

The puzzle;

It is still compelling,
And I’m going to solve it.

But first, there is another question.

So I ask,

Who will I solve it with?

In and out.

I’ll be fine,

I know this.

I have time.

Time to solve the puzzles.
And I will, every one.
And I have time to find that person.
And I will.
And if not, I’ll be ok.


In and out.

Chest rising,

Chest falling.

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