You make me

June 10, 2010
By FangGirl BRONZE, Wichiat, Kansas
FangGirl BRONZE, Wichiat, Kansas
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I just want to Say you make me feel ok
When my world is in pieces you make it go away
you mask my pain you dull it every day
You make me feel giddy
You look at me like i am beauty
But when i see me i see nothing in my eyes
I have no soul in there but you say that they have not died

You make the whole fill,the black in my chest
You and you alone make me feel the best
You dont Take advantage of me,you dont try to sext me
all you do is love me and thats why i love you to
So far you have not cheated or looked at another girl
WHen you say you love me i truley feel the words

And when your breath runs over me you make my body shake
Those lips make me breath short
Your touch makes my skin alight
When you hold me hand i feel alright
One day Ill love you like you do me
So untill that day baby just hold me
In this moon light upon this lovely night!

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