Our Earth

June 10, 2010
By hiimjenn BRONZE, Brick, New Jersey
hiimjenn BRONZE, Brick, New Jersey
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Many people don’t appreciate our earth

The beautiful trees, animals and nature that we take for granted

We just don’t realize how much it is worth

By abusing our earth and all that is planted

We do not realize we are diminishing our future to come

Our earth is a beautiful thing, and to destroy it is just unjust

The problem should be apparent to all not some

Working to save our planet and its wonders is a must

If we don’t act now, who knows what will happen to our home

But if we all do our part we can save the beauty before it is too late

We can make a difference for generations to come

As long as we work together at a fast rate

We can all stick together to conquer the problems we face

We can make a difference

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