What You Want Me to Be

June 10, 2010
By xlacrossex22 GOLD, Glenshaw, Pennsylvania
xlacrossex22 GOLD, Glenshaw, Pennsylvania
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“I laugh, I love, I hope, I try, I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry. And I know you do the same things too, So we're really not that different, me and you.” ~Colin Raye~

I am what you want me to be
I am old oak standing strong by the riverbed
My sturdy branches welcoming you to rest
My great leaves bringing you shade on a hot summer's day

I am what you want me to be
I am a model, poised and starved
I am an actress, talented and fake
I am a diva, proud and lonely

I spent my life watching yours
Always by your side
Smile at the camera, hide the brokenness inside

I am what you want me to be
I am a wallflower
beautiful and silent
strong but shattered
welcoming yet isolated

I am what you want me to be
I am the life bearing sun that warms your face
I am the blue corn moon to whom the lone wolf cries each night
I am dawn and I am dusk
I am every star in every sky…

I am a sister, I am a friend, I am a student, I am an athlete, I am an activist!
…and I am tired.
I can no longer allow myself to conform into what you wish me to be.

On a shiny silver platter I offered to you all that I was, all that I thought I was, all that you wanted me to be

At this moment I stand before you, no longer blind and no longer mute.

I am what I wish to be
I am an artist, I am a poet
I dream in words and I speak in dreams
I awake with stanzas tumbling off my tongue

Inspiration follows me , or I follow it?
I write for myself and I write to keep my sanity

In a world where conformity forces us to be the same, I need some way to stand out.
I write because I can't control my hand when thoughts like these infiltrate my mind.

I write because if I don’t , my words will just be floating somewhere in the atmosphere, lost and without meaning

I bring meaning and with meaning I bring hope
Not only for myself, but for all who care to listen.

The author's comments:
Conformity= Insanity

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