Our Home

June 14, 2010
The earth is like ones soul,
Fragile, vital, and loved
The Earth is being wounded,
Like a soul crying out for help

The earth is like a balance,
Even, fair, and level
The Earth is being changed,
Like a balance being tipped unfairly

The earth is like a shield,
Sturdy, firm, and strong
The Earth has been damaged
Like a shield after battle

The earth is like flower,
Beautiful, natural, and lovely
The Earth is wilting
Like a flower with no care

Our earth is a home,
Warm, loving, and needed
The Earth is being destroyed,
Like a home free of love.

The Earth is like a child,
Dependent, innocent, and longing for nurture
The Earth is being corrupted
Like a child forced to age too quickly

The Earth is our flower, our shield, our child, our soul, our home
Loving, strong, needed, fragile, beautiful, and balanced
The Earth, we are corrupting, destroying, changing, wounding
And it’s time we stop and begin restoring, loving, and nurturing
Our Home.

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