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June 14, 2010
By cinimonbunz BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
cinimonbunz BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"i've bitten the hand that feeds me"

Beauty always comes with a price
The world is kept in balance
By what's wrong and what's right

But that price to pay
Is worth every breath I take
Worth being able
To run outside
And be greeted by
The warm tender kiss
Of the sun

But if you run you may fall
Flat on your face
You'll be kissing cruel asphalt
And you’ll be missing the race
Then you'll have wished that you
Had never decided to run at all
And who said the sun
Is really that sweet?
Because people do die
From the stroke of the heat

But life is filled
With a world of wonder
Each new day is a gift from god
I live another day to love

But even a gift can go unwanted
This world is one that's haunted
By the bloody wars of hate
They'll be no world left at this rate
Under everyone's shining facade
Waits a beast every one of us has made
Your only you till you step out of the light
Everyone knows monsters come out at night

But just watch love will prevail

You're so young and naïve
Is that what you truly believe?
You see balance is only achieved
When chaos decides to take its leave
So you know that's a just a fairytale
When you say that love will prevail
Because you see, even heroes fail

The author's comments:
it just seems like everything good has some sort of price

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