The Labyrinth

June 13, 2010
I’m trying to find my way
Out of this labyrinth of suffering,
Trying to forget the smell of your pale angel skin,
And the way your hands moved
So quick and nimble
Like a surgeon somehow healing
My broken love.
These memories beat at my head
Like the ever-pounding
Beating of my heart.
And all of this noisy drumming
Reminds me that I’m alive
And my life’s soundtrack
Is all
Morse Code
Just the dots and dashes
Of my pounding soul,
That you
Just you
Could always somehow comprehend.
And now this labyrinth
Is closing in on me
Touching and caressing
Soft breath on my ear.
Not today
Not with my voice still pitched to
And my hands still warm from passion’s fire.
This labyrinth
Is cold and dark and holds all of the ice of my sorrow,
But darling darkness

I am still a creature of the light,
No matter
What you

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