Come home, soldier

June 13, 2010
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Your silence slices through me
My heart is sinking
A cement block would never float
But you have the power to make it happen
Bring me up from the ocean floor
I can’t see anymore
The skies are dark from all the words I’ve been saying
I’m waiting, I’m waiting
Here I am, I’m waiting
Pull me up faster
I’m too low to the surface
I’m waiting, I’m waiting
Come back and pull me up
Distant words couldn’t be tossed about
Reaching out for more and more and more
Shots are fired with exhilarating sound
Echoes bang against your ear drum
Can you hear me anymore?
Can you feel my heart against yours?
You’re a few miles away but can you feel my heart beating?
I’m waiting, I’m waiting
The train is screaming
I’m waiting, are you willing?
Come back for me.

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