Facebook:Hidden Message

June 13, 2010
By LivingInABasket BRONZE, Birmingham, Other
LivingInABasket BRONZE, Birmingham, Other
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L O L - I don’t smile.
R O L F - you try again.
Alright, you got me.
My lip twitches.
Followed by 99 notifications.
W T F? Facebook glitches.

I poke you.
You poke me back.
Haven’t seen you in a month.
B R B - your chat to mine.
Synonym for awkwardness.
I watch you go Offline.

Wallposts by the dozen.
Heart heart, love you babe.
Love you too, smiley face.
Can’t remember your name.
100, 200, 300 friends.
I win the popularity game.

New picture on your profile.
Wow. Stunner. Gorgeous.
All b******s secretly seething.
Your face makes me sick.
Oi girl, did you forget your clothes?
Their comments on formspring double-quick.

Facebook follows me home and at school.
The app winking on my phone.
Notified. Someone’s thrown a snowball.
That’s sure to make my day.
Like a group. Talk to no one.
Lyric status cos I’ve got nothing to say.

The author's comments:
Well. I had a little bit of angst building up so here ya go!

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