for mom

June 7, 2010
By Anonymous

I lied to you
Yeah I’ll admit it and hang my head in disappointment.
I let someone who you were so against
Into your home and allowed him to have something so
Sacred from me, maybe it meant more to you than it did to me.
It wasn’t taken I offered it
Dressed it up in lacy little patterns and served it to him on a silver platter
When I told you what had happened I felt your
Face hit and shake the ground I was standing on
Shaking and twisting it right from under my feet.
I show you letters and birthday cards you wrote me
Each of them saying how much you love me unconditionally,
Is this the condition?
How proud you are of me.
Are you still proud?
I yell them back at you with mascara running down
my pretty little face.
Do you remember when you said that
Do you remember, do you remember
Do you?
I yell them back as though you forgot
To me it feels as though you took all you unconditional love,
Your trust, hope and joy and threw everything into an
emotional wood chipper.
Maybe one day you’ll remember the day when you said
“Bubbie, ill love you more than you’ll ever know and no matter
How old you get you’ll always be my baby girl, I am so proud of you
Have a great day.”

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