June 7, 2010
I admit it,I'm weird.
I always feel lonely.
I always feel empty inside.
Can't cahnge that,sadly.

Everyday I sink in my own tears.
Perhaps it's depression.
I'm a freak,though I don't cut myself.
But I always wonder what it'd be like.

I'm always alone.
No one to love me,or be there when
I need it the most.
Nightmares follow me everywhere.

Always wondering,what's my
point to live for anyways?
Every time,I get weaker and weaker.
Nowadays,tend to cry ever night.

People think I need psychological help.
Truth is,I'm tired of having to
fake a smile every day.
Maybe it is depression,for I know no happiness anymore..Doubt I ever will,doubt i will survive...

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