Love Lessons Learned

May 27, 2010
By Carla Scala BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Carla Scala BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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She sat a table one day outside a restaurant.
She was quiet and reserved having just learned a love lesson.
She stopped eating when I walked by, it was almost as if she knew what I would enquire of her. To see what lurked beneath those sad, hollow eyes.
She told me of a lesson about love and its dangers.
She told me it left you in shambles,
Left you so far from up, you could only go down.
I met him in Honeydew, where he was so misleadingly sweet, she said.
Where the smell of love was so pungent the beach, only feet away seemed a whole state over.
She told me never to be the one that cares more.
Because the people that you put on a pedestal will always fall down.
Be careful, she said because the dangers of love can whittle you down to an empty hollow.
I believed her fearing love myself.
I too, knew what heartbroken feels like.
I met him near the beach at Trinidad and I never fell harder.
And just the color of his eyes erased my memories of the woman and her tale.
And I was never more sure.
I was with another man then, but I kissed him and there was no other.
And now he was the only man I saw.
I left my love for him and took a leap.
And it was a leap I would soon fall from.
I wasn’t’ scared in the least bit.
It’s funny how fast my memories came back after the door shut.
And my love and I were on opposite sides.
I remembered the words of the woman’s bittersweet Honeydew love.
And I watched my life grow old.
I watched myself become whittled to nothing.

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