Why is it??

June 10, 2010

Why is it when I laugh, I`m actually
hiding the tears that are swelling up in my eyes?
Why is it when I smile, I`m actually
Hiding the frown that is slowly forming on my face
Why is it when I stand up, I`m actually
hidin the fact that I wanna break down?
Why is it when I said"I Hate You", I`m actually
hiding that I want to say"I Love You"
Why is it that I have to hide everything?
Why is it a few years ago...
I laughed because something was funni
I smiled because I was happi
I stood up because I was strong
I said"I Love You"because I wasn`t ashamed

The author's comments:
It`s actually the first poem i have written in a long long time!!!!!

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