~I'm Scared

June 9, 2010
By Anonymous

It's true, were all scared
Were all scared of what has been And what is yet to come
But what I'm scared of...

I'm scared of myself(first of all)
I'm scared that whenever I look
Into that mirror I will find Another face staring right back at me
Of revealing deeper sides of Myself to people, fearing they'll Just laugh.
Of the decisions I make each day And the fear of meeting them Again, later in life...

I'm scared

I'm scared of love and Happiness
The fear of gaining it all when The sad fact is I'll lose it Anyways.
Of taking the chance, knowing I Won't deserve it
Of believing that it's real, when Nothing these days really seems Like it...

I'm scared

I'm scared of life
That someone more worthy deserves It
The fear of living it to the Fullest point possible, and Watching the ones I love lose it
And most of all of experiencing my Undermining fate, whether good or Bad, and seeing it~everything I Loved flash before my eyes...

So yes, were all scared (me Included)
But if we let that conquer us We'll lose everything that ever mattered to us

*Fear can be obtained in every
Soul in the universe, as well can love

Love is Fear
Fear is Love*

The author's comments:
I wanted to write about something that can pertain to ANYONE and I think I chose the perfect topic...

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