If One Day I Woke Up

June 9, 2010
By AndrewKoczian BRONZE, West Linn, Oregon
AndrewKoczian BRONZE, West Linn, Oregon
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If one day I woke up
Stretching looking out the window to a sunny morning
I would evaporate into a mist rising through the cracks in roof and out of my house
Floating up and up into the sky
I would spin in circles and loops searching for my destination
Like a balloon flying up seemingly forever in time
I would land on a cloud noticing I was human again
My watch would spin because in the world of cloud time is nothing
Nothing more than a state of mind
I would stand there and take it all in not worried about how long I was standing there
Waiting for something magnificent as if being in a cloud was not magnificent already
I would walk on the sky because Upside-down would be right side up
My Birkenstocks hovering
Gliding off the nonexistent sidewalk
Making the slightest shuffling noise as they dragged across the crisp air
My breezy clothes dancing in the wind as I spun in circles of cloud
Like cotton candy pillows rapping around me
I would laugh endlessly happy
Smiling at the thought of this existing
A dream it must be I thought to myself
I would not care
I continued to walk the streets of nothing
A funky smooth beat rolling around my brain
Filling my head with the northern lights of music and sound waves
I would jump from cloud to cloud letting the wind take me as if I was a sail
But only if one day I woke up
Stretching looking out the window to a sunny morning

The author's comments:
This was inspired by a class prompt, "if you lived on a cloud, describe what it would be like."-Garrett Smith

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