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June 9, 2010
By George123 BRONZE, Woodburn, Oregon
George123 BRONZE, Woodburn, Oregon
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Yeah there are so many things in my head,
That I could put in a piece of paper and then shred,
Yeah there are so many people that said,
That I shouldn’t be lying all day in bed,
And I said I’m going to be in bed until I stop seeing red,

Why don’t these people stop to complain,
Because they don’t know that I’m in pain,
Yeah don’t even know my first and last name,
People tell me my name is George and I look the same,
I never going to return back, I’m going to leave in an air plain,

How come people think I’m rude and don’t like me,
And I hate being controlled I just want to be free,
And just want to fly off and float on the sea,
Until I hit land and wake up on a tree,
And hide forever, I hope I don’t get seen,

Man life is ruff right now, do people say leave it to fate,
Don’t listen to that because when you try to change it might be too late,
I know that my skin color is brown but I don’t discriminate,
And I remember I was running but they used me as his bait,
And then I was at the hospital sitting down locking at my rate,

And when I don’t go to church I pray,
I said forgive me god I don’t care what the say,
Please help me god I don’t know why I keep on seeing grey,
Ill just pray until u hear me I don’t care if I do this everyday,
And I don’t want to see grey all day,

I had a thought in my head that these people shouldn’t be around,
Because I thought if the cops came he might say this isn’t allowed,
The cops arrived and said that the party was to loud,
And the cops arrested some one and dropped him on the ground,
Because he saw that he was smoking and showed him the cigarette that he found,

Yeah people don’t care about me because they have shown,
And ill just be at home,
And I don’t know who’s coming I’m just her alone,
And the cracking from the window has grown,
I think I need to dial 911 because I hear a voice but I lost my phone,

And I also heard two people just go inside a car,
That day was to dark the only thing I saw was a few stars,
And these people are to drunk I think the just came back from a bar,
And I wanted to get my phone but i think i lost its going to be to far,
Yeah and I remembered that night from all my scars,

Yeah why do I always have bad luck all the time,
It’s like written down in a piece of paper or like an outline,
And whether I have luck or bad ill be fine,
Right now I want to shred this piece of paper in a line,
Yeah people sometimes told me go far and shine,

That’s what I’m going to do until my heart stop, until I drop.

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