Will We Survive?

June 3, 2010
By Jonte De Janette BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
Jonte De Janette BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
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One life can lead to another,

Ones sorrow can lead to another’s happiness

But dad, were you sorry for having me?

Or am I just another unplanned child you carried away?

No, I was planned

Planned into the life of a relationship so strong,

Glass can’t break us apart.

I am your lava and you are my steel, that can’t be burned away.

You show me love and I show you joy that

Makes you smile your cheeks away.

My mind sits at an angle that can’t be tilted over a cliff so deep.

You created me and I shall no longer feel destroyed.


You are the man who’s shield is a shimmering star of light reflected

Through my eyes.

I see you as a man of duty and one to be noble to his young.

We are as if a play set has broken down and come back together

For play again.

I smile a gracious smile at you that gleams through your eyes.

You want not to see a perfect creation crumble into ashes of nothing.

If hatred was not to consume me, then

How can it be so easy for me to love?

You don’t see the burden of flames that has

Burned the memories of my child hood away.

For I am grateful that you are my dad,

No matter

How hard, gruesome times keep us apart.


We share a bond of Moses and his staff,

We can’t be broken, nor perfect.

We will survive.

Jonte’ De Janette

The author's comments:
i write poetry for fun, this piece describes the relationship between me and my dad

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