This is Who I am

June 8, 2010
By Anonymous

I am from turquoise walls, cherry cheesecake
and " we're going to be late"
I am from birds chirping as loud as can be
and an abandoned swing set screaming come play with me

I am from my cats purring as quietly as the wind blows
and five pine trees all lined in a row
I am from the sound of cars rushing by
and thick, sweet chocolate pie

I am from wooden floors that creak when you walk
and a cousin Joe that loves to talk
I am from a snow globe collection on the bookshelf in the living room
and the luscious smell of mom cooking food

I am from an uncle that acts like a kid
and the rush of cool air when you walk in
I am from shy to athletic
and a sister that's pathetic

I am from my blond-haired, blue-eyed sister
don't be fooled she's very sinister
I am from a family that embarrasses me
wherever we may be

I am from turkey on Thanksgiving
and a mother that's very forgiving
I am from bees flying around everywhere
and strawberry blond hair
This is who I am

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