Alcohol, Clocks, and Love

June 8, 2010
By imagine_it_all BRONZE, Canton, Massachusetts
imagine_it_all BRONZE, Canton, Massachusetts
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Tick, tick, tick..
Tap, tap, tap..
Shes out for night.
Not coming back.

A car and alcohol
are her neccessities.
While shes the only
neccessity for me.

Where is she?
Its half past three.
It's way to late...
bedtime for me.

That's a lie,
I wont sleep till shes home,
I can't bear
another night alone.

The quiet shakes me,
the darkness lurks,
the pain in my heart is the source
of all my hurt.

And a door opens,
and a crash on the floor.
Shes home tonight,
and an open of my door.

Slurred words,
and swears,
and hateful sounds,
fill my ears.

Yet I still love her,
she's all I have left.
And I still need her,
as much as she needs
the alcohol.

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