broken strings

June 5, 2010
I saw myself the other day; the mirror
A face, I didn’t recognize; the stranger
A poison, the evil in my eye; the anger
But the innocents and compassion of a mother; naïve
I hung up my gloves for the new beginning; the change
I opened my mind, my eyes, my heart; the hurt
I pictured a new path, I hadn’t seen before; the unknown
Saw the markings on the trees, but refused to go home; the warring
I turned the corner, I didn’t see the man; the attacker
He grabs my hands but I can’t run; my pain
Took his time, but let me live; punishment
Ran away; freedom
I dare not tell of my pain; the sins
I carry this child, whose father goes unnamed; the stranger
I saw my face the other day; the mirror
Whom I didn’t recognize; the attacker
My eyes rest upon anger; the poison
I look at how the innocence was taken, naïve of me; a mother
I walk down the steps and into the kitchen; a family
At the hide of the table, eyes of my attacker; step father
I grieve in silence for I only know; the surrounding
A furry so wild; passion
Hate dances on my spine; tango
Truths burn in my lips; keeping the peace
Holding this family together; by broken strings

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