slapped a ten

May 22, 2010
they do not care
they say they do
but they do not
they slap a ten
in your hand
send you off
for a day
of pain in
a place i cant

the next day

they slap a ten
in my hand
i head back
to the place
i cant stand
another day
of pain and hate
another day
i cant bear
living this life
it's horrid
living with
no one who
cares about you
it's like living
in a black hole
to never get out
to be trapped

the next day

they slap a ten
in my hand
send me off
to another day
of the pain
i can stand
getting by
till three today
four comes
i walk outside
go to the tree
tie the rope
stick a chair
under it
stand on it
place the rope
kick the chair
and hang there

no more tens
slapped in my hand
no more pain
no more hatter's
the pain is gone
is so is my life
that's what i wanted
to be free of this
mess that's what i got
and now i'm free
free from the world
free for you
no more place
to hate i'm free
and now you
are to
it's what we all
no more tens
slapped in my hand

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